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on my maternity 


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2018 Maternity Leave.

As I near the end of my third trimester, I wanted to go ahead and share some details on my maternity leave plans. We are expecting our sweet little boy in late May of 2018 and I am focusing on winding things down in the final weeks of my pregnancy.

What does this mean?
-We are not taking any additional sessions after May 1st.
-We're taking a complete break from sessions from May to September.
-We have limited dates left for April so if you are hoping for a session act fast.
- We will have an email auto-responder up but will still be responding to emergency emails as needed. Facebook Messenger will be set up with an auto reply as well during my time of absence.

Naturally, we'll be sharing our little guys arrival and cute baby photos after that (but we promise not to spam you with them!) Thank you for your continued support during this exciting time and I hope you all have a wonderful Spring / Summer.

Love + Appreciation,